Michael Millard-Lowe Antiques is a nationally known provider of fine antiques.

Our mission statement is " to provide quality antique and vintage furniture and accessories at a competitive price to interior designers and the public in a super friendly atmosphere with particular emphasis on customer service". we are proud to be members of the Ghent Business Association and the Hampton Roads Retail Alliance.

Tired of being taken by so called "antique buying tours"?

Want to buy in France but think all junkets are not cost effective?

Then when you get home you find you could have bought at the highest end Park Avenue shop by the time you pay for the trip, the packing, the shipping and the delivery and sundry “services”?

Well have I got a bridge for you!!!

No, but seriously, do you want all the advantages of price that really, truly exist in France?

Want all those good deals you hear about to be your good deals?

Well, then Leave Paris and the “Puces” and the tourist traps in Provence behind! Believe me, I love Paris as much as the next guy or gal, there is nothing like it! BUT, for a real dealer in search of good deals and that needs to make the trip pay, that ain’t the place for deals. Go there to have a good time before or after to reward yourself for buying so well.

I have been an antiques dealer for 15 years and have done all the grand NYC, Miami, Boston, Atlanta and Chicago shows in the past and am the only dealer I know that buys 95 percent of his stock in France. I have had a shop in Norfolk, Virginia for 10 years (by the way, the largest volume port on the East Coast) and live part of my year, every year in France (I won’t tell you where, I can’t give all my secrets away for free can I?).

Suffice it to say that I can buy better, more consistently than any other American dealer in France! How can I do that?

• Well, first off, I speak fluent French (imagine me looking down and kicking the dust modestly).
• I buy exclusively from private parties and auctions here in my region.
• I have my little black book and picker that call me when they have something “interesting” and I get first dibbs.
• Lastly and most importantly, I arrange my own shipping; this saves a boat load, no pun intended!


• Buying trips that are limited to 1-2 people at a time so there is little competition between guests (I hate that!).
• Trips geared to your interests so there is no wasted time.
• Pick up and packaging of all purchases and container packing.
• Delivery of your purchases to you (or to the port of entry, Norfolk Virginia). • I offer an intimate knowledge of the terrain and the prices that should be paid with no kick backs to me (this happens much of the time with other operators/tours).


Basic rates are US$2K per (7 days) week or 10 percent of purchases whichever is greater (this includes transportation to and from shopping expeditions), plus carting and shipping expenses (no mark up, what I pay is what you pay) to Norfolk, Va.. There are, of course, the inevitable add-ons; hotel and food and, most importantly, wine!

You can spend as much or as little as you want and we provide a complete list of B&Bs and small hotels (and large ones) that we have vetted.

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